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AVS Laboratory offers high quality food safety testing with minimal turnaround time and has experts who can evaluate your facility and production process for areas that may contribute to food safety problems.

Working in concert with a public health specialist, qualified microbiologists, technologists and more than 5 veterinarians at Animalcare Veterinary Hospital, AVS Laboratory has the potential to help improve food safety every step along the food chain - from farm to table.

This unique combination of veterinarians, public health professionals and laboratory scientists enables AVS Laboratory to serve the needs of farmers and food manufacturers in the critical area of food safety.

Animalcare Veterinary Services assists establishments in ensuring food safety by:

    1. Providing food testing services at affordable rates
    2. Environmental sampling and testing – including water sources, air monitoring and pre and post operational facility sanitation.
    3. Assisting establishments in acquiring documentation for food safety testing for HACCP certification.

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