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Flock and monitoring allows for evaluation of the health program and indicates when changes are needed based upon fact.

Flock monitoring can help you determine:

    1. Effectiveness of the pullet vaccination program
    2. Need for boosting of breeders/layers during the production cycle
    3. Maternal antibody titer levels
    4. Plan for vaccinating chicks
    5. Efficacy of vaccine administration
    6. Exposure to a disease to which a vaccine has not been administered

Although serologic testing is most developed in the poultry industry, it is also important in the commercial rearing of swine and cattle. Here too, an important component of a herd health program is monitoring of the current health status by serologic surveillance and inspections of slaughtered animals. Systematic monitoring of health facilitates early diagnosis of disease and leads to its quick resolution. Regular blood sampling and testing of cattle, pigs and other livestock helps determine if diseases are present and enables their control or elimination.

AVS Laboratory works with industry leading livestock producers in Jamaica to provide serologic surveillance data for many diseases that affect poultry, swine, cattle and other livestock. Please contact us for more information.

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