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Our Microbiology Laboratory capabilities include testing for most microbial and the most common inorganic contaminants of water. The tests we perform meet most compliance and noncompliance standards and are supported by water testing solutions from IDEXX Laboratories.

All of our analysts have university degrees and/or college diplomas, have received extensive training, and participate in ongoing, industry-leading, quality assurance and training programs.

Reasons for considering testing of water:

    1. To monitor the quality of water used in your processing plant for internal quality control, regulatory compliance or overseas market access.
    2. To be assured of the quality of your drinking water.
    3. To monitor environmental impact.
    4. To comply with the conditions of a resource consent.
    5. To comply with the requirements in your food safety programme.

We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding service, quality, and support in analyzing and reporting on their water quality