Community Outreach

Animal care Veterinary Centers and The Pet Emporium are pleased to be affiliated to the International Spay and Neuter Network (ISNN) ( which is working diligently to establish a sustainable, cost-effective, socially responsible and humane solution for Jamaica’s street animals. The goal of ISNN is to relieve pain and suffering associated with dog and cat over breeding through a Jamaica-wide spay/neuter program while simultaneously creating responsible owners and responsive communities through education. Animal care Veterinary Centers have co-hosted spay and neuter clinics in Kingston and Port more and our veterinarians are regularly involved in charity spay and neuter procedures.

Remember, being a responsible dog owner goes a lot further than looking after your own pets. Always remember the dogs and cats that belong to those who can barely look after themselves. You can become a part of the solution by volunteering at one of the spay and neuter clinics or by making a donation to ISNN or the JSPCA.