Pet Care Tips

Cat Discipline

To keep our cat from jumping on the kitchen counter or other forbidden places, fill a small spray bottle with water. When your cat misbehaves, give her a few sprays. Your cat will immediately stop whatever its doing and it’s completely harmless.


Reusing the Fish Tank Water

Instead of throwing out the fish tank water when cleaning the tank, use it to water your house plants! It is full of nutrients and will eliminate the need for fertilizing your plants.


Quick Wash for Pets

Take a spray bottle and mix 3-tablespoons of baking soda, 1-teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, Optional 1-teaspoon baby oil. Spray liberally on dog, wipe dry with damp cloth or towel. This will clean up the animal without having to bathe them. It also makes them smell better.


Cheap/Fun Pet Toys

Give your puppies hours of fun with empty tightly-capped 20 oz. plastic soft drink or water containers. When you tire of the noise or he is no longer interested, pitch it in the recycle box.


Pet Hair Removal

To remove most pet hair from furniture, put on a pair of latex gloves and rub hands over furniture in one direction. Hair will clump for easy removal.


Clean Filters

When feeding my tropical fish I unplug the filter for their feeding time (about 15 min.) The filter doesn’t pull their food into it. It keeps the filter clean much longer.